Premium Bed Bug Prep is a privately owned business serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We use the principles of Integrated Pest Management which is the industry standard for pest control, combining chemical and non-chemical measures to treat infestations. IPM is a knowledge based system that focuses on education and best practices in prevention. The educational aspect of IPM includes ensuring that our staff is knowlegable and able to answer your many questions.The use of pesticides is only a part of IPM and one of the goals is to use as little pesticide as is necessary. Our business is in prepping your home or facilities before the pest control professionals arrive.

Our experience and training ensures that we are capable of handling pest problems using the latest and fully customized integrated pest management approach. These methods are
eco-friendly and safe for people with allergies.Our approach is only matched by our equipment which is state of the art and always well maintained. We only the best equipment and ensure it is well maintained and cleaned between jobs.

Premium Bed Bug Prep will respond to all of your needs with professionalism, courtesy, and discreetness in all our service work.