Preparing for our visit
There are steps you must take in order to prepare for our visit.  We have a 1-2-3 approach that is simple to follow and will make the prepping process much faster and effective.

  1. Please set aside two weeks’ worth of clothing in a separately marked bag.  We will launder these clothes and leave separately from your other clothing.
  2. Remove all valuables and place them in a safe location out of the areas which we will be cleaning.  Some examples are:
    1. Medications
    2. Jewellery
    3. Important documents and I.D.
    4. T.V. converter
  3. You cannot be inside your home while we are prepping it.  You will need to make arrangements to be out of your home while we are prepping. The process will take approximately five hours depending on area size and set up.

What to expect when we leave
BE PREPARED.  The process requires your furniture to be dismantled including your bed.  All your laundry will be in bags along with most of your personal belongings.  The bags will either be in the bathroom or on your balcony/porch if one is available. All items are to remain in bags until unit is deemed bug free.

You will have one bag of clothing which you set aside earlier and wear its contents over the next two weeks. It is imperative you DO NOT OPEN any of the other bags or risk contamination. All opened bags must be re-prepped.

The second visit
When we arrive again we will vacuum and steam throughout the area.  We will dismantle the bed and drawers once again.  It is recommended that you wash and dry the clothes that you have been wearing for the past two weeks while we are prepping your apartment the second time.  You will need to leave your apartment for approximately three hours.  Do not unpack unnecessarily any bags until the unit is deemed bug free.

Payment options
Payment may be made with either cash or cheque and is payable upon completion of the work outlined in the invoice you will receive.