a hoarder's roomGiven up?
Has your health or the size of the job immobilized you? Help is just a phone call away.

No job too big or too small.
Our trained extreme clean team will come in and restore your living space to help you claim back your life. When overwhelmed we must turn to our community for help. At Premium Prep we know that life doesn’t always go in a straight line. Call us today to schedule your extreme clean and feel better about tomorrow.  

Our services include:cleaned hoarder's room

The task of cleaning an area of gross filth can be challenging for an individual untrained in decontamination and odor removal. In addition, those tasked with such a job must be trained in locating and safely eliminating hazardous materials.
We have the equipment, skills and experience to professionally clean and disinfect areas of gross filth, and safely dispose of any bio-hazardous waste.

Whether it is a spring clean or a deep clean you will be pleased with the results. We work with you to tailor make a service that you want and we listen to any special requests or concerns that you may have.

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