Are you a hoarder?a hoarder's room
“You can’t have everything, where would you put it?”
Steven Wright

Do you have a hard time throwing away possessions that your family or friends see as little or no value? 
Is the number of possessions in your household leaving the area too cluttered and difficult to move around? 

Is your furniture of no use because it’s being used as storage space for your growing number of possessions?
Hoarding is the acquirement and saving of possessions that have either very little or no value and that person has immense difficulty discarding it.  We have seen several cases of bed bug problems that have been linked to compulsive collecting and storing.  Clutter makes it much easier for bed bugs to hide and multiply and is difficult to prepare for treatment.

cleaned hoarder's roomLiving with both feet in 2011
“Change your thoughts and you change your world”
Norman Vincent Peale

Premium Bed Bug Prep offers a cognitive behaviour coaching service for those who are suffering from compulsive collecting and storing.  Cognitive behaviour coaching is an approach which aims to resolve problems concerning dire emotions or behaviours and habits through a goal oriented and systematic procedure. We help alter your thoughts by having you practice and repeat actions you are not normally accustomed too until it becomes a new, and much healthier, habit.   

We offer three hour sessions once a week where the individual will receive an assignment to work on.  A facilitator will come to your home on an agreed date and will provide the following services:

It’s time to stop feeling ashamed, depressed, and embarrassed.  Make the right choice today and take the first step in getting rid of your compulsive collecting and storing dilemma.  Call us today so you can live in a more prosperous tomorrow.

“The only way around is through”

Robert Frost