What are bed bugs?bed bugs
“Some people think of bed bugs as a nursery rhyme.”
Paula Cassin, ABI Possibilities

Bed bugs were once a common public health pest worldwide that declined in the mid 20th century.  Recently however, bed bugs have comeback at an exponential level as there are reports of increasing numbers of infestations.  In 2007 there were 4800 bed bug treatments in Toronto for a single company alone.

The baby bed bug is extremely tiny; an adult is approximately 1/4 of an inch large making it very hard to spot until it’s too late.  Bed bug females can lay up to 300 eggs which hatch in 10-14 days.  This leads to a large infestation which can be difficult to destroy.

Who gets bed bugs?
“The difference is not that bed bugs are a product of one’s income status but rather the ability to do treatment is impacted by one’s income.”
Sean Rollo, Bed Bug Expert

The common myth with bed bugs is that it originates from people who are of low income and live in poor conditions with below average hygiene.  This is completely untrue as anyone can get a bed bug infestation.

In 2003 there were 46 official reports of bed bugs which were made to Toronto Public Health.  In 2006 150 official reports were made giving evidence that bed bug infestations tripled over three years.  There is no evidence that poverty tripled between 2003 and 2006.
The major cause for bed bug resurgence is travel and high density living.  Bed bugs are so tiny they can hide anywhere.  It can be in the seams of clothes, small crevices, the slot of a screw, vent of a laptop, etc.

What effects can bed bugs have on my life?

“I was frantic; I could not sleep for two nights until the exterminator came to take care of it”
Bed Bug Sufferer

Bed bugs can leave a host of different physical symptoms for people who have an infestation.  Although the bites themselves are painless the following can happen:

bed bug bitesThe symptoms of bed bugs can also be psychological for people such as worrying, lack of sleep, or even feelings of shame.  Most people don’t want visitors for fear that they will spread the bed bug problem to others or will be found out to have an infestation.  This results in the individual isolating themselves from others with a high level of paranoia.